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Let H&L Marketing help you with ALL of your Fundraising!!!

H&L Marketing, LLC strives to serve schools, clubs, organizations, and churches by providing an efficient and profitable fundraising service. Our company guarantees exceptional customer service by providing the utmost respect, professionalism, and personalized plan to best fit your group’s needs.  

Local Products

We love our local companies and love to promote them in every way possible.

Competitive Profit Margin

Everyone secures an amazing product, and the group earns an amazing cut of the sales.

Small Business Love

Contact us for inquiries on getting your product in our catalog.

Outstanding Promotion

A customized card is included with every bundle purchase.

Quick Turnaround

We work to have your order delivered within 14 days of order submission.

Minimal Work Required

All we ask you to do is inform students, teachers, and parents of the upcoming fun.

What our Customers Say

Mary Claire Giddens
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The packaging was great, the prices are fair, the customer service was top-notch, and the peanuts are delicious! Thank you so much!
Troy Hope
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Thank you to H&L Marketing for giving my Cadets a healthier option to add to our in class store. With these really awesome flavors, it is so much easier to ensure they are getting a healthy dose of protein in their diet of normally chocolate and sugary beverages. Also having the ability to raise money to better our program while supporting another is a win-win for our school.
Payton Paulk Dix
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Great product and outstanding customer service! I've purchased from them three times and I'll be back again!