Why Us

Here at H&L Marketing, we recognize you want the proper techniques to exceed your fundraising goals.

With H&L Marketing, your group will sell exclusive, high-quality products that customers enjoy purchasing, you’ll have access to expert service to assist your participants, clean reports allowing you to celebrate your successes, and marketing tools to help your group spread the word. A superior fundraising experience can be found here!
From local schools and sports teams to churches and other organizations, we’re here to help you raise the funds you need to achieve your goals. We sell local homegrown products and love to promote our local companies. So, here’s to new uniforms, field trips, your favorite annual competition or anything else you might needs funding for.

Organization Fundraisers

School Wide Fundraisers


Church Fundraisers

Sports Team Fundraisers

Dance Team/Cheer Fundraisers

Why Choose H&L Marketing?

Competitive Profit Margin

By choosing to sell our product, you are choosing to provide your group with a 45% profit margin! Everyone wins, everyone gets an amazing product, and the group gets an amazing cut of the sales.

Small Business Love

With our strong care for small businesses, we do everything possible to grow and support them! Contact us for inquiries on getting your product on our catalog.  

Minimal Work Required

Let us work for you! As we prepare your custom promotional material, all we ask you to do is inform students, teachers, and parents of the upcoming fun.  

Outstanding Promotion

With every bundle purchase, a customized card is included. Cards promote the school or group and include colors, logos, and mottos. This thanks the customer for supporting you!

Local Products

We love our local companies and love to promote them in every way possible. Check out our available hometown favorites from local farms and shops! 

Quick Turnaround

With a turnaround of 2 weeks, we work hard to ensure great quality before your fundraiser even ends! We work to have your order delivered within 14 days of order submission.